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Please take the time to read what past clients have had to say about what their experience was to work with me, and please feel free to leave your own testimonial. Your words matter so much, it continues to drive my passion. It encourages me to do better, to be better, to create more. I mean it when I say, my clients are my WHY. The reason I capture, the reason I feel the way I do about my passion. Every single client holds a special memory in my heart, your stories live on through photos.

Words from my Clients
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Sam F.

I have had the privilege of working with Jen a few time, as a model as well as taking BTS and Jen is so damn incredible at what she does. Not only is she hyping you up the whole time, she's also giving you killer poses, making sure to get all your angles, and getting that lighting just right. She is at the very top of my list for photographer's I recommend for boudoir shoots. Jennifer is so dang talented you're seriously missing out not booking with her.

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