10+ Years of Experience

Photographing souls

Photography has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl in the 1990's running around with those Kodak disposable cameras taking pictures of everything and anything. The most exciting moments for me were going through the photos after they've been developed and sharing them with my family members. I loved sorting through photo albums with my grandmother and seeing how everyone changed as they grew older.

I loved the beauty in the moments captured.

The portrait of Jennifer Hera, an Edmonton, Alberta photographer

A mini FAQ on who I am as a Photographer:

What's My Experience Level?

I've had a camera in my hands for the majority of my life and started professionally taking photos of others when I was 15 years old.

Presently at 28 years old, I can confidently say I have over 13 years experience posing and capturing all body sizes, and all ages, and will always strive to ensure your best angles are captured.

What's my Niche?

I personally think I do best with portraits, boudoir, and intimate weddings. That being said - I love being challenged and taking on what ever my client may need.

If what you're asking me to photograph is something I can't confidently say I can capture to my fullest capabilities, I will always make sure to inform you to ensure you are making the best decision you can for your precious memories.

What's my Style?

I want your photos to feel like artwork.

My style, over the years, has become a dark and moody vibe which focuses on rich deep tones such as dark greens and dark browns to allow for those beautiful skin tones to really stand out.

I love candid moments, as well as strong and effortless poses. I will always ensure my clients are comfortable first.

What's my process?

I want to get to know you.

I believe a consultation is important in seeing if our personalities are a good match and to see if you would be comfortable with me especially for important photos such as boudoir, and weddings.

Before booking any session, I want you to be sure that I am the perfect fit for you and your needs.

Where do I photograph?

As of October 2022, I now have a studio space that is perfect for my style of photography and ensures a consistent style within my works so that you know what to expect when you book with me.

Otherwise I love getting outdoors for some ultra moody and deep green photos in the Summer, and rich red and orange photos in the fall. I will always be up for any adventures.

Client Opinions & Input?

Your say is highly respected and appreciated. If you're uncomfortable doing certain poses, you will never be forced to get into them for the sake of "a good photo". If there are poses you want to have captured, we will ensure these take precedence to ensure you receive the photos you truly wanted. Your input is IMPORTANT. Please know you have full say in what is or is not captured during a session with me.

Where am I located?

Myself, and my studio space are located in the South Side of Edmonton - just East of Ellerslie, but South of the Anthony Henday. It should be emphasized that my studio is accessed by a flight of stairs, and it is highly important to let me know of any physical impediments that may prohibit a client of mine from being able to access my space to ensure I can make the proper accommodations for you, such as accessing a wheel-chair assessible studio space for your session. :)

What is my Timeline?

From the day we capture your session, your photos will be completed and sent to you within 2-4 weeks depending on how busy my bookings are.

Should there be a reason for delay, you will always be notified that your photos may take a little longer. We are all human - and sometimes personal emergencies do, and should take precedence over business. Just as your family is important to you, mine is to me.

How do we recieve our galleries?

Galleries are provided digitally unless my client chooses to upgrade to a physical delivery of their session. I love viewing the final galleries with my clients and would love to have you visit me for a gallery reveal. But I also know that sometimes schedules just do not accommodate this option and as such a digital gallery to view alone and in the comforts of your own home can be sent upon request.

* Please note that Digital downloads will not be unlocked for download until your session has been paid for in full.

My PROMISE to you

I promise to photograph you, free of judgement.

Your story is what makes you who you are. What you identify as, and who you love is part of what is right in your soul.

I promise to be a judgement free zone, and I promise to offer a safe space that welcomes any body with a body.

I welcome everyone, from every background as long as they are a positive individual with good vibes.

Photos help us see the beauty in our ever-changing bodies that grow with age and change with hormones and life circumstances.

It's about learning to see through someone else's eyes. It's about healing. It's about neutrality. Our bodies give life to our experiences.