10+ Years of Experience

Photographing souls

Photography has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl in the 1990's running around with those Kodak disposable cameras taking pictures of everything and anything. The most exciting moments for me were going through the photos after they've been developed and sharing them with my family members. I loved sorting through photo albums with my grandmother, and seeing how everyone changed as they grew older.

I loved the beauty in the moments captured.

I loved that photos were like a time machine,

taking me to my grandmother's wedding date that took place over 40 years before I was born. Taking me through the moments that surrounded the birth of my siblings. I loved that I could watch myself grow through the eyes of others. Photography has the ability to stop time and encase a moment within it even though life keeps moving. Its those moments in time that you can never get back, the moments that exist within memories. Photos allow you to share those memories for years to come with those who don't yet exist. To pass on memories of those long gone, to those who have descended from. It's a beautiful thing humans have created, isn't it?

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