You'll hear this from every photographer.

And honestly? It's true.

Photos are the one thing that can freeze fleeting moments in time, we don't have a remote control to pause, rewind and replay parts of our lives.

The photos captured can quite literally last a life time, which is why we emphasize that it is an investment, and why we emphasize taking the time to really research who you want to hire to capture these precious moments in life for you, regardless of what type of photography it is.

Events, Portraits, Weddings, and even Boudoir.

Some of my personal favourite memories are of a much younger me going through photo albums with my grandmother and seeing the kind of life she lived until the point in which I came to be in her life, moments that I could have never shared with her otherwise due to the 50+ years between us.

I got to see the young anxious version of my grandmother starting her first day of school. I got to see the excited version of my grandmother on her wedding day. I got to see photos of people who were related to me, but have since passed on from this world, people that meant the world to her, but would have meant little to me without those said photos.

And although somewhat cliché, I love also Facebook memories that pop up and say "8 Years ago on this day..." with photos that I posted from capture worthy events from my life. Moments that without having captured a photo of it, I likely wouldn't have remembered much about it due to the chaos and stress of our every day to day living.

Photos give you time to reflect, and appreciate the moments within them. The WHO within them.

You might be thinking - "Okay, I understand Events, and Weddings. But why is BOUDOIR also an investment, isn't it just intimate photos of bodies?". Let's go back one sentence and super emphasize the "WHO" within the photos.

The WHO could be you. Your first Boudoir session may capture a very anxious you. Someone yearning for more confidence, or fighting to take back the power in their own bodies. The WHO could be your partner, the one you want to show just how beautiful they are through eyes other than their own. The WHO could be a survivor of traumas through their lives, regaining control of how they wish to see themselves. The WHO could be someone who takes pride in loving themselves.

The WHO could be someone wishing to find neutral appreciation in a body that Society tells us is wrong.

Boudoir is Art that gives a chance to see the beauty in the Bodies that carry them through the entirety of their lives.


Boudoir is an experience that should be customized to your needs and comfort levels which is why pricing is also custom to your session.

Starting at $399

1 / 4

Hair & Makeup

Want to feel pampered?

Add Hair & Makeup to any

service for only $120!

Lingerie Access

Don't know what to wear? Utilize my client closet for only $15 per outfit worn.

(this fee covers the sanitization cost to ensure you and all my other clients are safe!)

Travel Fees

Session to be done out of town? I can travel for only $35/hour travel time.

(ie. 4 Hours Round Trip = $140)