(For photographers and Models)

Mentorship Programs

I have a love for teaching others about photography and sharing the knowledge I've gained over the 10+ years I have been practicing photography.

Do note that you can split your mentorship timeframes into multiple days! :)

In-Person Mentorship Programs

for a hands-on learning experience

Portfolio Break Through


We'll go through all of your portfolios, social media, website galleries and more to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. We'll guide you towards always showing your best to attract the best attention for your work.

The Posing Workshop 1.0

$650/ 4 Hours Total

Photographer Edition:

You will work with me, and two models and to learn how to pose curvy bodies and thin bodies. How to make poses work for all sizes, and adjustments you can make to make them more comfortable and effortless.

The Posing Workshop 2.0

$450/ 3 Hours Total

Model Edition:

You will work with me, and multiple outfit styles and various types of posing from editorial, or casual, to fantasy, and more. Learn how to work your angles and pose your body from your head down to your fingers and your toes.

Boudoir for New Photogs

$650/ 4 Hours

Boudoir is such an intimate experience, which is why as a photographer you need to know the right angles, the right lighting, and the correct posing for your clients - regardless of their body type. This course will teach you everything you need and more.

Boudoir for New Photogs

$185/ Model

If you felt like you would like more hands on experience while mentored by myself, here as an option to extend your courses and have the opportunity to bring in your own models, where I can guide you to capturing them at their best.