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One THousand Bodies


One Thousand Bodies, to me, is my way to give back to those of us who struggle with our self-image. For those of us on a journey of learning to love our bodies, even if it's just a little more than yesterday. Our bodies are the one thing that stays with us our whole life, and while it's always changing as the years go by, it is the only sure constant in life.

One thousand bodies is about delicately capturing the fine details of being human.

Capturing every curve. The wrinkles, the dimples, the stretchmarks and scars. The way our bodies move and how the skin moves with it. The goal is to shine a light on how beautifully unique our bodies are, and how all of our details make us unique from one another.

We often forget that our skin tells our stories and marks our history,

The laugh lines on your face show us all the times you've laughed. The frown lines on your forehead shows us all that you have worried, and you have stressed, for the sake of yourself or for the sake of others. The stretchmarks on your body weave a life of growing and changing whether you've carried children or not. And the folds in our skin allow us to move, and dance, and bend and stretch.

Pricing & Packages

The Session

The Session

45 Minutes to an Hour, and a journey to self love healing.

Non-Refundable, and must be paid upon booking.

$100 | 10 Digitals

Extended Time

Extended Time

Add additional time if you think you may need a moment to warm up and get comfortable with our session.

$35 | 30 Minutes Extra

Additional Photos

Additional Photos

Choose additional images to add to your packages after you recieve your gallery.

$10 | Additional Digital

Additional Photos

Additional Photos

Cherish the entire gallery of 100+ photos + a Free OTB Sweater.

$350 | Full Gallery

OTB Sweater

OTB Sweater

Wear the self love movement with pride with your very own OTB Sweater featuring various body types.

$60 | Sizes: S - 3XL

This movement is still so incredibly important to me and I want you to know that I appreciate all the support this project has gained.

I love listening to your stories, I love helping you understand your struggles. I love helping you see your beauty through my eyes.

It's extremely important for me to note that this project is for all humans and all bodies.

Are you Interested in Joining the body acceptance Movement?

I wanted O.T.B. to be available to anyone and everyone, to provide those who usually don't get the chance to be photographed in this way, to have the chance, regardless of gender, age(18+), disability, or life circumstances. A more budget friendly project for souls to fall in love with their shells.