How many souls have we captured?

This project has officially captured over 160 souls! That's 160 people who have trusted me in capturing their beautiful bodies!

While my goal is to reach 1000, the project will not end there, and will continue to photograph beautiful souls even beyond that!

A project that focuses on the beauty in the little things that society deems imperfect or labels as "flaws."

Delicately capturing the fine details of being human.

Every curve of our bodies.
The wrinkles, dimples, stretchmarks and scar.
The way our bodies have rolls in some poses, while in others our bones protrude.

Shining a light on how beautifully unique all the small details make us from one another.

The details in our skin tell our stories.

The laugh lines on your face show us all the times you've laughed. The frown lines on your forehead shows us you have worried, and you have stressed, for the sake of yourself or for the sake of others. The stretchmarks on your belly show us that you created and carried life. The folds in our skin allow us to move, and dance, and bend and stretch.

One Thousand Bodies - A fine art book.

The passion project of mine will be printed into a series of fine art books that I dearly hope will inspire others to start their journey of self-love. To celebrate unique bodies, rather than compare by unrealistic expectations. To teach the people of the future that all skin is normal. That stretch marks are normal. That cellulite is normal. That those things that make us different from the people that surround us in our day to day lives, are all completely normal.

Life is too short to be uncomfortable in your own skin.

Unfortunately I am still unsure when this book will be published but it is in the works!

Session & Pricing Breakdown

Sessions are 45 Minutes long, and require a $50 deposit when booking.

This deposit is non-refundable, and pays for your session time, as well as 5 digital photos of your choosing.

To purchase additional photos from your session pricing is as follows:

$85 - 10 additional images

$150 - 20 additional images

$225 - 40 additional images (Now Includes a FREE OTB Sweater!)

$375 - Full Set (150 images+) (Now Includes a FREE OTB Sweater!)

(Pricing updated as of April 21, 2021)

This movement is still so incredibly important to me and I want you to know that I appreciate all the support this project has gained. I love listening to your stories, I love helping you understand your struggles. I love helping you see your beauty through my eyes.

Are you Interested in Joining the body acceptance Movement?

I wanted O.T.B. to be available to anyone and everyone, to provide those who usually don't get the chance to be photographed in this way, to have the chance, regardless of gender, age(18+), disability, or life circumstances. A budget friendly project for souls to fall in love with their shells.

The movement beyond...

I have goals to photograph more than just female bodies.

My movement will cover all humans and all bodies, regardless of gender or age.

I love hearing why self love is important to you.

Send me a message and let me know your thoughts on the movement I'm doing. I love feedback. And if you want to tell me your story, I would be honored to listen.