Rentals - Pricing Guide

The Aura

The Aura

A lovely blush pink robe made of Tulle, tied with a delicate sash to fit most bodies. Perfect for those dreamy maternity sessions, or for those couture dress dreams.

Estimated to fit sizes M-XL


The Luna

The Luna

A beautiful and highly versatile black skirt that ties around the waist making it the perfect thing to elevate any look.
Wear it with: Body Suits, Full outfits, or on top of dresses!

Estimated to fit sizes: S-XXL


The Athena

The Athena

An ultra stunning pair of wings that can be used indoors or outdoors as a means to make any one look like an ethereal goddess or god! Perfect for boudoir sessions, creative outdoor sessions, and more!

Estimated to fit: Size S-XL


The pieces in action


How do we access these rentals?

Message me with the date you need it for and plan to pick up the rental the day of, or the day before. Rental must be returned within 24 hours of use or you will be charged an additional day. Will accept rental returns as late as 11pm in the evening upon request.

Where do we pick up?

I'm located south east Edmonton, upon rental booking you will receive my address so that you can plan to pick up when convenient to you and myself.

Can we rent for multiple days?

Yes. Rental pricing is based on daily use - so if you rent the item for 3 days you will pay the rental fee x3 for 3 days of use.

What if I don't return the item?

You will be expected to sign a contract upon you "signing out" the rental for the day. This contract outlines that you are held fully accountable for any theft, damages, and more. In the event that you decide to not return the item - you will be sent an invoice for the full cost of that rental piece (Which in some cases the rental items may have a cost over $1000 to purchase)

Policy: Dirt & Damages

A $25 dirt & damage deposit is required on all rentals. If the rental is returned dirty, you will not be refunded this amount and will still be expected to pay the full price of the rental. If the rental is returned damaged, you will not be refunded this amount and you will be expected to pay for any damages done if repairs exceed $25, plus the full cost of the rental. If the item is damaged beyond repair then you will be expected to pay for 50% of what the item cost to purchase.

Rental Inquiries

Interested in the options provided and want to rent a piece for your upcoming session?

Please fill out the contact form to the left with the piece you'd like to rent and note how many days you require it, please note that if you would like to rent 2+ pieces for a session that you must make note in your messages to ensure that no other sessions are already booked to use either piece.

Let me know what you have planned for the rental piece by leaving a note about what the rental will be used for. I can't wait to see how your creative minds will capture these pieces.

Please note that it is required to enter your business name and contact as these details will be noted on the contract I will email you upon booking confirmation.